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Join the Salt Lake County Black Dems

2020 is an exciting year not just on the presidential level but on the local and state level. We have a chance to flip our County Council, Elect Democrat candidates in our communities who not only represent our values and will fight for us but look like us. This election year is important, and that's why we need to Organize, Organize, Organize. The Salt Lake County Black Dems are looking to fill two critical positions Secretary and 2nd Vice-Chair.

2nd Vice-Chair responsibilities are

Assume all duties and responsibilities of the First Chair upon absence, resignation or inability of the Chairperson to perform such duties In Charge of Membership Recruitment Public Policy outside of Salt Lake City focusing on surrounding cities in Salt Lake County

Secretary responsibilities are

The Secretary shall issue notices for all meetings, preserve all minutes, including attendance, notices, and copies of communications, publications, and documents of importance to Salt Lake County Black Democrats. The secretary shall keep records of membership. The secretary shall work with the First Vice-Chair to schedule and organize events

If you are interested and want to join the team we have. Check out the link below. Application is due by May 15th and a result will be made by May 30th

If you have any additional questions please reach out to

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