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Our Mission

The Utah Democratic Black Caucus is an official extension of the Democratic Party in Utah. It provides a vehicle, within the Democratic Party of Utah, to address the special needs and concerns of Black Democrats. Black Americans are a major constituency of the Democratic Party.

Our Mission

The objective of this organization shall be to achieve proportionate representation of Black Democratic public officials, elected or appointed in Utah; foster the election of and monitor the performance of all elected officials; disseminate information to the Black community through effective communication; assure that all governmental policies, programs, and practices are filtered through the Black perspective in order that the results of such policies and programs accrue equitably to the benefit of Black Utahans’.

The objective of this organization shall be to promote the election of Black Americans to all levels of offices within the Democratic Party and to public office and to relate the Black perspective to the Democratic Party of Utah.

Our Mission

Objective & Goals

The goals of the Utah Democratic Black Caucus are to:

  • Unify Democrats within the party in Utah

  • Develop a greater voice in party policies and procedures;

  • Provides methods of better representation of Black Democrats;

  • Involve greater number of Black Utahns in party affairs;

  • Develop greater political organization and expertise;

  • Broaden the base of the Democratic Party in the Black community;

  • Provide leadership development and political/voter education to the membership and the community at large;

  • Raise funding to support our initiatives, candidates and goals.

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